Online Acquisition & Onboarding Workshop

Online Acquisition & Onboarding Workshop


Are you digital ready? 

It’s pretty simple stuff but there’s a few systems and processes that your organisation needs to have in place to facilitate the onboarding process. We can establish if there’s any gaps to fill in this Online Acquisition strategy workshop.


Acquire new supporters online 

We’ll spend a few hours together to work out what digital channels will work best to connect to and acquire the right supporters for your business. It’s important to target the right people in the right place to ensure high quality conversions.


Onboard & convert new donors 

This is where we get into the meaty bits. Together we explore the best stories that will connect with and compel your audience to jump on board. We start to map out which channels will tell which part of the story and assign asks and actions.


Have you calculated the opportunity you’re missing out on? 

If you’re still not sure if online acquisition of new customers is right for your organisation, just take a minute to sit down and compare the costs and potential revenue.

Say it costs $6 to acquire an online prospect and $12 to call them. If your conversion rate from prospect to regular giver is 15% and every successful donor commits to gives you $25, and you retain 70% of them for 1 year.

Isn’t that better than what you’re achieving now from your offline acquisition channels?

Just do the math and consider the opportunity.


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Acquiring (and Retaining) New Donors Through Online Marketing ChannelsAcquire and Retain New Donors

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