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Parachute Digital is here to guide you through the digital landscape – to inspire you, to teach you and if necessary, to hold your hand while you’re exploring the world of digital marketing & fundraising.

There are two types of training. First, there is the training where you sit there thinking: ‘I hope this is over soon because I may fall asleep & I will never use it anyway’. Or there is the Shanelle Newton Clapham type of training where you think: ‘Please don’t stop talking, because this is as valuable as gold dust!’. Shanelle shares her incredible insight and experience with such generosity, practicality and enthusiasm, that you cannot wait to put the training into practice that day. Why? Because the tools are business transforming.

Tony O’Halloran, Marketing Strategy Manager. Mission Australia


Parachute Digital offer in-house digital marketing courses for people new to the online space, advanced online marketing courses to boost your digital skills and masterclasses for more experienced fundraisers and marketers who want to be a true digital champion.

What to expect?

  • Small classes, max. 10 students,
  • Practical digital training that you can put to use immediately,
  • Trainers with 10 years experience in digital marketing & fundraising.

Have a look at our Digital Training options below to find a course that suits your team and contact us for more information:  email: or call: (02) 9188 4493.

Half day courses

One day coursesDigital Marketing & Fundraising Training

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