Today, Monday 17th January, is Martin Luther King Jr Day in America.

I’m reading Martin Luther King’s book, Strength to Love, at the moment. I’m only up to Chapter 3. This came about because I wanted to read more biographies and autobiographies of inspiring people in 2011. So I sat down and wrote a list of inspiring people, socially and in business, people that I would like to meet and learn from. Obviously I can’t meet Martin Luther King but I can read his word. Or rather, his gospel as it turned out.

Black and white image of Martin Luther King JrI don’t know what rock I’ve been living under but it had entirely escaped me that Martin Luther King was a preacher. I knew him only as a civil rights activist. I myself am not religious, and I was a little put off when in the foreword, written by his wife Coretta Scott King, she advised that the book was compiled by a selection of his pulpit sermons. However, the message he is teaching me is relevant regardless of his religious point of view.

Chapter 1 is about having a strong mind but a soft heart.

Chapter 2 is non-conformity. He teaches that for us to move forward with our lives and civilisation in general, we need to stand apart from the majority and question what is just accepted. He even criticises the church for the pandering to aristocracy.

Chapter 3 is aout being a good neighbour, or good samaritan.

And as it’s Martin Luther King day in America today, I thought it was quite pertinent that I was up to this chapter.

I’m a pretty good friend and have been known to be a reasonably good samaritan when the need has arisen, but I could definitely be doing more. I try to help people solve their problems, personally and in business and particularly the digital realm.

So if you have a digital question, email me, call me, leave a comment and I will try to lend a hand. It’s not exactly changing the world, but its a start.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.