3D graphics technology WebGL - 3 Dreams of Black - Google Chrome

Googles new browser "test" - 3 Dreams of Black - 3D graphics technology WebGL in browser

Back in January I was raving about why I love the internet and what a Google fan I am. And really, what’s not to love?

In 2010 Google launched their html5 browser test The Wilderness Downtown to promote how efficient and fast Google Chrome was. The Wilderness Downtown app or game, allowed you to enter in your childhood home address and it used satellite images to make your personal movie.

In 2011 they’ve launched new “test”. New 3D browser technology, called WebGL, that allows you to watch 3D graphics in your browser (only new ones like Google chrome, Microsoft Vista or Mac OS X10.6) without needing to download any software. It’s called 3 Dreams of Black. It takes a minute or two to load but its worth it.

It’s a music experience for the web browser, written and directed by Chris Milk and developed with a few folks from Google. The song, “Black,” comes off the album ROME, presented by Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi, featuring Jack White and Norah Jones on vocals. The movie/ music experience was inspired by Italian soundtracks from the 1960s and the classic Italian Western genre. In fact, the album was recorded with the original orchestra from Italian director Sergio Leone’s westerns (remember The Good, The Bad & The Ugly?).

I liked it, but I kept expecting 2D from the Gorillaz to show up somewhere in the graphics.

Anyway, its very cool and very worth checking out.
It’s my first “cool stuff on the web” post for a while, and I think it was worth the wait!