I was watching TV tonight and a little light bulb went off when I was watching Hungry Jacks latest TV commercial for the stunner deal (a burger, fries, drink and sundae). I think I’ve seen the ad once before but I just realised that Hungry Jacks was using the social media crowd sourcing website, Fiverr.com, that my friend Jodie has been obsessed with and created some hilarious stuff over the last year, to create their latest TV commercial.

See Hungry Jacks social media crowd sourced TV commercial with all elements created for $5 using an online community:

Do you realise what this means? That a global company with huge media and production budgets for advertising, chose to create an ad 100% using social media. It’s so innovative and simple that it’s brilliant!


Fiverr.com is a social media crowd sourcing website where a person can browse through a bunch of “offers” of people who will do weird and nutty things for $5. You choose a seller who is selling the service that you want. For example, my friend Jodie paid an Irish guy $5 to abuse her brother in a video message. She gave him some details about her brother – his name, a mole he has on his bum, his birthday, his girlfriend’s name, stuff like that. With this information he cussed him out on video for $5, which she sent to her brother as a practical joke. For my husband’s birthday, which was themed “Brucestock” with a hippy theme, she had someone do a psychadelic “Far out dude” kind of video – for $5.

Fiverr.com is a crowdsourcing website where Sellers offer services to Buyers for $5

This is the HOW TO guide to Sell or Buy on Fiverr.com

This is the production quality that Hungry Jacks opted for in their latest TV ad. On their YouTube post, they confirm my suspicion, saying “we’ve successfully made a Stunner TV ad, where each element costs just $5.
We used a website called Fiverr to find the elements we needed from people all over the world.
We also asked our Facebook fans for a photo of their dog, and we ended up choosing Axel, a lovely dog from Western Australia, to star in the ad. His face was animated for (you guessed it!) just $5 on the Fiverr website.”

So not only did they use crowd sourcing – for the voiceover, for a random video of a guy in a cowboy hat, with an accordian, in Vegas, an irish guy in a black body suit and a puppet. But they also incorporated more traditional community engagement and social media integration using Facebook fan integration (the dog Axel) to provide other parts of the ad.

I think this is pretty cool stuff using online and social media to drive offline mainstream advertising. Hungry Jacks and especially Clemenger BBDO (the advertising agency) get a big thumbs up from me.

Would you consider using social media crowd sourcing to create one of your business ads? I hope i am so brave one day.