The internet is incredible – we all know that. We take it for granted from time to time and we curse it when its slow but most of its draw backs are your own personal (or work) hardware or other people spamming it up. The internet itself is a beautiful, wonderful thing.

And when journalists and writers and engaged citizens use it to the fullest, I am so grateful.

This morning I was reading Amy Sample Ward‘s blog (@amysampleward) and she sends out so many helpful links around the web and I found this article with Danielle Brigida, Digital Marketing Manager at the American National Wildlife Federation so helpful –

I am an online expert, but no one is an expert in everything online – sorry to disappoint. So I’m still learning about social media. I’m an expert in email. I’m an expert in display advertising and online media planning and buying. I’m very good at search and SEO but social is new and as my life is currently engulfed with building WWF-Australia’s website – some other things have taken a back seat.

So when I come across articles like the interview above with Danielle Brigida, a fellow wildlife warrior and not-for-profiter, I am so happy to get information and ideas from some one else struggling through the same space.

I’m definitely going to check out as I wasn’t familiar with that and I’m going to invest some more time into StumbleUpon as this has popped up a couple of times in the last week for me so I see that as a good omen.

It’s really a great read, check it out and let me know what you have learnt from it and what you are going to try as a result.