TeBook: he Essential "Need to Know" Social Media Guide for Businesses Large & Small

This is the cover for my eBook, which you can buy in the Amazon Kindle Store.

I have been a published writer many times due to my career starting as an aspiring journalist, but I gave that up over a decade ago so the release of my very own eBook, published in the Amazon Kindle store last week, is quite the milestone for me. I wrote the eBook The Essential “Need to Know” Social Media Guide for Businesses Large & Small primarily for traditional marketers and PR professional who want to up-skill in digital marketing strategy and for small business owners who are doing everything themselves, including their social media marketing.


Like this digital marketing blog, the social media eBook is a great tool for my business to qualify me as a digital marketing consultant who knows what she’s talking about. My blog readership has grown dramatically over the last year, to which I am grateful, but it does not act as much of a lead generation tool for my digital marketing consulting in Sydney. What it does do, is support any recommendation or referral I have been given by colleagues, clients and friends so that when a new business is considering working with me as their outsourced digital marketing manager or digital marketing consultant, the blog acts as an excellent marketing conversion tool. The prospective client will check me out online, read a few of my blogs in their area of need, contact me and ask for a proposal or meeting to discuss their digital marketing needs and I find that their final decision is largely aided by the digital expertise and marketing credibility that I have built through the blog.


The social media eBook, like the blog, is about providing some value for people at a very low cost – often zero. By helping small businesses and traditional marketers to understand digital marketing better, they will form a better digital marketing brief for me or whichever digital marketing consultant they engage, they will ask more questions, feel more comfortable venturing into the digital marketing space and generally enjoy the process more because they are being educated along the way. I love what I do and I want to help small businesses and traditional marketers and PR professionals to love it too and social media marketing is a great place to start when you’re venturing into the digital arena (social or email marketing).


So, if you know a traditional marketer, a PR professional or a small business owner who isn’t quite sure about social media marketing and wants to learn more about it before they jump in, do them a big favour and spend $3.97 (on sale at the moment for only $0.99) to download my social media eBook – or send them to this blog where they can subscribe for email updates or via the RSS feed. It will cost them nothing and they will get a whole lot of value for free.