Bananas in Pyjamas are the number one Australian facebook fan page by likes

Bananas in Pyjamas are the #1 Australian facebook fan page by likes

Online Circle have released their latest Facebook Performance Report and it looks to me like Australians watch a lot of TV, eat a bunch of junk food and buy fairly cheap clothes – not necessarily the image I think we want to project to the world. Let me confess that I haven’t yet read the full report, I’ve just grabbed the infographic of the most popular Facebook fan pages and with the exception of Bananas in Pajamas at #1, which indicates parents are looking for content for their kids, it feels very youth oriented, which is the myth us digital marketers have been trying to dispel about social media. However when you get into the report and the Fan pages are broken down further, you start to see that there are a lot more consumer brands showing up that would appeal to older audiences, they just don’t have the critical mass yet that the top 20 have accumulated.

Online Circle Facebook Report

Anyway, take from it what you will, and read the report (linked to from above), socialise yourself.