Are you ready to get seven very helpful Facebook social media advertising tips? If so, hit the Print Button now or if you’re old school and just starting to use social media for your business marketing because someone told you that you must, then take out some paper and pencil and write this down.

Advertising on Facebook is easy with these 7 social media advertising tips

Facebook advertising types


Follow these Facebook advertising tips and you will be able to grow your fan base (LIKES) with the right audience for your business and at a reasonable price.

1. Use keyword stemming to find interests

You can type in specific keywords to target potential fans by their interests or you can choose from Facebook’s suggested likes to find the right people for your business

2. Targeting friends of your facebook fans

Did you know that you can target the friends of your existing fans? You will have a much higher conversion rate when people can see that one of their friends is already a fan of your page. This will bring your cost per click and cost per Like (acquisition) down.

It’s important to note that you can only target friends of your own page’s fans. You have to be an admin of a page to target your fan’s friends.

3. Expanding to fans of related brands

If you know who your target audience is and the other type of brands/ pages that they might have liked, you can target the fans of those related brands pages. This way you can leverage off of bigger brand’s budgets and your target market’s similar interests.

4. Micro-segment your facebook audience

Facebook allows you to target your social advertising campaign by micro-segments – be those audience segments by age, gender, education or geo-location demographic information or by behavioural targeting by likes and interests.

5. Test images before copy

The best way to draw attention to your ads is with images that have contrasting colours – to each other (like red and yellow) and to Facebook’s design colour palette (blue).

Try to choose images for your Facebook campaign that relate to your intended audience. This is something that I didn’t do very well the first time, using an image of myself as I thought that was important to be transparent and show what I was selling, my own IP, but what I should have used was a big, fat $ sign.

The words for your Facebook ad are important, but the image is more important. So when you start optimising your ad text and image to get a better result, start with changing the image first, see how that goes. Then improve the ad text as a second step.

6. Keep ads fresh

Facebook users in Australia spend on average 4 hours per week browsing, updating and reading Facebook. Because they spend so much time on Facebook, they become blind to the ads. To avoid your ads becoming like wallpaper, you need to rotate them. You should rotate your Facebook ads when any of the following happens – the impressions of your ad drop, the click through rate (CTR%) of your Facebook ad drops or just when the ad has been running for a few weeks without optimisation.

7. Maintain the Facebook experience

And always remember, when you’re using Facebook as a media channel to reach your intended audience, try to maintain the Facebook experience.

You can maintain the Facebook experience by using your Facebook page as the destination URL for your paid ad campaign. Even if you’re capturing email addresses as part of your campaign, create a page within Facebook to do this so that the user doesn’t have to leave Facebook. You can also make an effort to use the Facebook Timeline to its greatest effect, by ensuring the header image leaves an impression and that your profile image contrasts with the header image.


I know, it seems simple and it is. If you follow these steps you are well on your way to having a successful social media ad campaign.


And if you need convincing, here are four reasons for WHY you should make it your business to create a successful Facebook social media campaign:


  • Social media influences your search rankings (having people LIKE your webpages improves your website search engine optimisation)
  • There are 11 million Facebook users in Australia
  • 48% of 18 to 34 year olds check Facebook right when they wake up
  • People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users – is mobile a device where you should be contacting your potential customers?


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