So, my opinion is that Google’s new social search is pretty cool. But…. if I play devil’s advocate, it is a little big brother-ish?

So this is the situation.

You actively connect to your friends, colleagues and online network through your Google account.

You then actively and consciously rate and review places through Google Places. As part of your social interactions, you probably post links via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, your blog etc.

And then anyone you’ve connected with via Google, your posts, links, blog posts, photo’s, your ANYTHING, will show up in their search results (if they’re logged in to Google), when searching.

Do you mind?

Well, you can’t really mind. You’ve consciously asked people to connect or have accepted their invitations. You’ve made public comments on review websites, you’ve actively posted items to your social media profiles. You’ve consciously posted blog articles, like this one, on the internet, notoriously public and viral. But while you’re doing all this, did you really expect your opinions, views, photos and flippant quips to be spread so far and wide? Maybe not…. but they are. In 2011, you need to think before you type.

Form your own opinion, watch Google’s Social Search video here: