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Apple really have some balls

Apple will charge any entity who runs a subscription for iPhones (iOS) 30% for the privilege of being listed on their store. They can still sell their app elsewhere, but it must also be offered within the App store for the same price or better and Apple gets their 30% cut. There are some interesting points of view on ARS, what do you think?


Social & community tips from the experts

Non-profits have a supporter base of people that are engaged because they care about something bigger than themselves. This lends itself well to community and discussion.

For profit businesses are desperately trying to engage their customers, but the level of emotional engagement with a consumer brand is different to that of a moral or spiritual cause.

Corporate businesses would be smart to use social media to engage and to listen and facilitate their community of detractors and advocates to be a streamlined customer service tool.


Is this stealing intellectual property?

Google suspected that Bing was returning Google search results in the Bing search engine. So they set up a "test" to confirm that their suspicions were correct. Google's official blog posted this article yesterday: Microsoft's Bing uses Google search results - and denies it. I don't know about you, but I think this is pretty embarrassing.


Social media and community building

Great interview with Danielle Brigida, Digital Marketing Manager at the American National Wildlife Federation about social media and communities for not-for-profits -

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