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Website analytics helps us deliver a better mobile experience to our website visitors

I'm excited about mobile because as a consumer I'm starting to see more and more cool stuff show up in my smartphone apps and see more relevant and targeted local searches when I'm searching on Google via my mobile phone and I can see all of this through my website analytics. Website analytics is telling me that 17% of my blog readings are coming via mobile. I also know that while my mobile visitors spend about half the time of desktop visitors reading my blog, they also have a lower bounce rate.


My mobile readers are viewing more pages...

A Search marketing strategy – head terms and long tail keywords

One of my clients is experiencing a lull in the number of enquiries and sales their business is receiving and naturally, they want to turn this around. Because the majority of their business is driven through search engine marketing (SEM), better known as paid search or Google Adwords, their first reaction is to increase the daily search media budget and hope that this drives more people and more enquiries. But this has been the strategy for the last 2 months and while it is driving more people, they are not converting to enquiries. They asked me the question "What is...

Website and Mobile Site Usability – 3 clicks to destination

For about 8 years now I have been part of several teams that have built websites (different jobs, different projects) and one thing that I've noticed hasn't changed in the digital world is the need to allow your users to get to their desired destination in less than 3 clicks. By providing your customers with a streamlined and logical website navigation, they should be able to navigate to what they need, from the home, in 3 clicks. That means you must organise your website content (known in the industry as information architecture IA) very well and sometimes put the user's...

Email marketing coupons for retention – when digital and the real world don’t meet up

Building loyalty and retention throughout your customer database is one of the primary uses for email marketing for businesses. Your customer database is often a businesses most valuable asset, but these people are even more valuable if their details are up to date and they are active customers. Active means that they are currently engaging with your email marketing (opening, clicking and taking action when asked) and your brand.


If you live in Australia, it is likely you do your grocery shopping at either Coles or Woolworths supermarkets and if you do, you may have chosen to sign up...

Search Engine Optimisation never ends and it will just get harder

Bruce Clay is one of the leading, global authorities on search engine optimisation (SEO). Today Bruce Clay said that "SEO never ends … and it will get harder and more interesting". 


When clients contact me wanting to know how SEO can help drive traffic to their website and build their online business, most of them are completely unaware of what they're about to embark ok. SEO is a long term online marketing strategy. It is possible to get some short term gains from search engine optimisation but...

Paid local search listings in Google Maps on mobile

It seems that Google is now selling paid pins or sponsored links in Google Maps on mobile.


I was on my way to Bruce Clay's SEO training in Sydney city and I had to get off the bus a few blocks from where I needed to be, so I looked up the Marriot Hotel, Pitt St, Sydney on my iPhone GPS. Before the location pin had even dropped on the map there was a paid search listing for the Swissotel, as seen below.


This is the first time I've seen a paid local search ad on Google Maps. I...

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