Loving learning

I just finished reading 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall and was blown away, not only by the content of the book but also by the feeling of learning again and most importantly learning something that was not only of great interest to me but was also going to provide me with a direct benefit as I take my new knowledge and apply it to my work. Well, that’s the theory anyway, but, with so much information in the book, so many changes to make, so little time and without Perry actually calling me to see what I’ve implemented this week, I haven’t really made all that much headway yet.


This is when it struck me – the massive benefits of learning as part of a class, that extra motivation and accountability in front of others provides extra clarity as you can ask questions (that’s why Perry only charges a penny plus postage for his book but can charge $22,500 (US) for a two day retreat).


I attended the Parachute Digital Academy before I started working at Parachute & at the time was working as a Product Development Manager for one of Australia’s biggest online retailers. When we covered mobile marketing I was forced to look at our mobile site with new intent and spotted a very simple opportunity that we had missed (our mobile developer was primarily concerned with the overall functionality of the mobile site and not so much with the products that were there). A quick change made an instant impact on revenue and improved the user experience, which would have paid for my course fees in the first month & has continued to be a benefit to this day.

Stay Classy Sydney

Each step of the Learn & Implement Digital Academy course comes with practical exercises that allow you to implement (hence the name) what you’ve learned directly for your organisation. You’ll also get feedback (bonus consultation) from your teacher – industry expert Shanelle Newton Clapham – and from your peers in the class.

Dive into Digital

If you’re ready to learn more and start driving more people to your organisation’s website who will reward you for their great experience with loyalty and dollars, we still have a couple of spots left in the next Digital Academy starting 23rd September 2015. I highly recommend you do it and do it now!

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