Saying thank you to your donor after donating is common practice.  But how do Australian charities say thank you online?

In our Website Donation Pages Research, where we benchmarked 100 Australian donation pages, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly ways of saying thank you.

How Australian charities say thank you

Most charities say thank you when they send the donor their tax receipt by email. Some keep it to one sentence, other organisations take the opportunity to tell a bit more about their organisation and how your money will be spent. Surprisingly, 13% of organisations are not personalising this thank you email!

Only 14 organisations sent a separate email to thank their donor, which is a nice gesture.

The benchmarking also showed that almost every charity uses a thank you page, while only 7 organisations used video to show how grateful they are. We were surprised by this.

Top 5 Donation thank you pages

So which organisations stood out from the others? Here is my top 5:

1.The Cerebral Palsy Alliance

A lovely video from parents and their children – showing what they’ve achieved with help from the Alliance. It gave me goose bumps… what about you?

2. World Vision

This organisation uses a personalised and heart warming image on their thank you page. It’s the only one I have seen so far.

World Vision thank you page image

3. Caritas

They do not only use a lovely image, but also give you the smart option to share your donation on Social Media.

Image from Caritas thank you page

4. Save the Children

Apart from thanking you for your donation and a nice design, they also ask you if you want to make your donation a regular gift.

Save The Children asking for a regular gift.

5. Medecins sans Frontieres

No special images or video here, but a short and nice thank you letter that appears on the screen as soon as you hit the button to donate. It shows that you can also surprise with speed and a simple message.

Medecins sans Frontieres online thank you letter

So these 5 left me with a good feeling. I look forward to hearing what your favourite thank you page is. Please leave your comment at the top.