Facebook Carousel Ads

I’ve been seeing some great ads on Facebook for charities and startups alike, particularly using the carousel ads.

UNICEF Carousel Facebook adI first saw it used by Act for Peace for their rations peer to peer campaign, which I know was a success for the new organisation and there are plans to use Facebook for registrations for their event again this year.

I was going to write that UNICEF have used the carousel ads really effectively to support the premium SMS campaign and media they have in market for their vaccinations ask. Because that was my recollection. But now that I go back and look at the screenshots I took, the carousel was a general donation ask showcasing the different areas of their development work with children. And one of the images/ asks is for vaccines – so that was the connection I made in my head.

Remarkable Facebook Ads

Amnesty have a different tactic with an overt donation ask to support Syrian refugees. Interestingly they led with their brand colour & donate ask, then images of children followed by a mushroom cloud. All of the ads must end with the logo and Amnesty’s yellow book ends really stand out.

Amnesty International Carousel Donate Amnesty International Carousel Taste The Dust Amnesty International Carousel Childs EyesAmnesty International Carousel Bomb Blast Amnesty International Carousel Logo

Converting Facebook Ads

The Wilderness Society is about to start using the new Facebook leads ad. We’ll be testing it head to head against a petition style landing page conversion ad to see which drives the best volume, conversion to RG, cost per lead and cost per donor.

What kind of Facebook advertising are you doing?

And is it working?

We’d love to hear from you and are always here to help.