Digital Marketing Courses, created by demand

We run digital marketing courses because the non-profit industry needed them. As we were talking to charity and non-profit organisations in Sydney & Melbourne, one of the problems they kept siting was a lack of digital knowledge within the organisation (and subsequently – trouble finding & recruiting good digital people).

After hearing this repeatedly as a reason why organisations weren’t ready to invest in digital marketing & fundraising, we thought “we can solve this problem!” So we did two things:

  1. Created the Parachute Digital Academy to offer in house and group training in digital marketing & digital fundraising
  2. Wrote a book about digital fundraising.

So now, if knowledge is a problem in your organisation, then we can offer tailored in-house digital training for cross-functional teams to build their skills and digital capabilities. And we run beginner and advanced master classes in Digital Marketing Fundamentals as well as half day or full day courses in Search and Email Marketing and Social Media.

Courses in Digital Marketing

While our focus our consulting to the non-profit industry, the digital marketing courses are relevant to every industry. The case studies and questions come from all industries and it is really your specific questions about your work or problems that you’ve had that we can answer for you there and then – that is most relevant (which is like free consulting).

We are getting so into our training that we’re now getting a lot more enquiries about in house training so we can educate whole teams rather than just one person within the team (who then has to try and sell the concept to everyone else). Every in-house course is tailored to the organisation, based on the agenda they’ve requested and the attendees skill level.

So if you love learning and want to up-skill in digital, we can help! Ask us how.