I write a lot about how email marketing is good for customer retention and how customer first web design (based on user experience principles) will reward online businesses with increased conversion rates and repeat visitation but all of this is a mute point if your business does not prioritise customer service.


The below infographic was sent to me by Bolt Insurance Agency and I sat on it for several days as I wasn’t sure how I felt about writing a blog that was solicited, but the more I thought about it and looked at the infographic, I thought it did resonate with many of the digital marketing strategies that I advocate here. Customer service and content marketing are synonymous. For your content to be well liked, it needs to relevant and of interest to your customer – a business that believes in excellent customer service will be able to understand their customers better and deliver content that strikes a cord with them.


Email marketing can easily turn into over communication but when done properly, it provides your online customers with a direct line of access to your business. Well targeted search marketing strategies could be likened to customer service in their nature of finding customers who are already looking for them and delivering prospective customers direct to the information they’re looking for, being helpful if you will.
Of course these are tenuous links but I think ethical marketing and customer service follow the same philosophy – unfortunately many businesses often stray too far from this fine line.

Customer Service Infographic
Via: Bolt Insurance


In short – I believe customer service and digital marketing are compatible strategies. As I’ve written before, I advocate using social media as a customer service channel. But in the end, it is business culture that dictates the importance of customer service, I doubt many who employ this value will deny it reaps great rewards.