I’m a big believer in training. I don’t do enough of it with my team because one is a graphic designer, one an internal communications coordinator and the others are producers. So they don’t necessarily need the type of training that I can provide, but I make sure that everyone keeps a keen eye on our Google Analytics profiles and that they are aware of the results we’re getting from the copious amounts of emails that we send. Even search, which is very specialised, is reported back to the wider team, whether it is relevant to their individual work or not. Everyone can benefit from general web knowledge and data.

Doing regular, let’s say monthly, digital media training – web analytics training – search engine optimisation training – email reporting training, will ensure that you’re sharpening your skills by constantly talking and educating others. Novices can through some pretty crazy curve ball questions that are difficult to answer but it reminds you that you’re still learning as well. The digital media landscape changes so quickly and so often that I believe it is necessary to keep going to conferences and seminars, even once you’re already an established expert. Digital media training is essential to stay up to date with the evolving digital industry

In Sydney, the same digital media conferences often come through every year and it can feel like its the same speakers from the same companies talking about whatever the new buzz topic is all the hype this year. But out of 2 days of seminars you might come out with 2 nuggets of information that inspire a new campaign, a new strategy or the revision or rethink of an existing strategy in place. If nothing else, it reminds you of what you already know but it gets you thinking and remembering all of the items that are outstanding.

Regardless of the digital media changes that evolve every week in our industry, our moral and legal obligations undergo changes as well. There is always new information about how the Privacy Act is being interpreted or how consumers and clients are managing behavioural targeting or the emergence of a do not track register (to follow from the do not call and do not email registers). We work in a fast paced, exciting industry but with that comes responsibility to stay up to date.

I have provided training for many of my clients. Often they cannot afford to employ my services over a long period of time, so I get their email communications and content strategy set up, or I implement the SEO changes that will have the greatest impact on their website and then I train them on how to maintain it over time.

Often the upkeep is poor and I’m called back in the fix all the problems and start over again but there is occasionally one person who appreciates and loves the new knowledge and keeps the strategy going and the benefits are many.

If you or your team need training or a refresher course in anything digital, give me a call.