For me, the competition within the smartphone market place has more to do with brand loyalty and personal brand association than it does with the actual features and functionality of the mobile device. Of course some products are superior to others in terms of functionality and other products have very intuitive user experiences, making them more user friendly. But by and large, all of the mobile smartphones are pretty good. It comes down to personal preference and where your loyalties lie.



In this American TV ad for the Samsung Galaxy, Samsung poke fun at Apple fanatics who camp out in front of Apple stores in anticipation of the next iPhone launch. I think its a fun and not too aggressive response from Samsung, considering that Apple has recently won a patent dispute over tablet touchscreen functionality (I am not overly interested in the details). It simply highlights the features that differentiate Samsung’s smartphone from Apple’s iPhone.

My personal favourite is where the young guy is just holding a space in the Apple iPhone campout line for his parents. That’s the positioning that will make Apple’s blood boil. But it could be argued that Apple is more user friendly for those audiences who are less “tech savvy”. But that comment alone will not match how Apple promotes itself.

Either way, the new iPhone5 and the Samsung Galaxy II both boast 4G network connectivity with ADSL2 broadband speeds on your mobile smartphone. This is what I’m excited about. Faster mobile connectivity means better online experiences and more consumption of online content and branded content like this example, but unfortunately it will also lead to some poor mobile user experiences. With increasing ownership of ¬†internet connected mobile devices, it is increasingly important for businesses to consider their digital strategy and in particular their mobile marketing strategy so as to ensure that their customers and users have a positive user experience when engaging with a business or brand on their mobile phone.

Anyway, whether you’re an Apple fan (which I am) or an Android owner, this ad is pretty funny.


And even more amusing was when I published this post and went to facebook to login and share it through Parachute Digital’s facebook brand page, Samsung was advertising this very video on Facebook’s homepage login. But unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough to get s a screenshot of it before Facebooks ad targeting identified by IP as non-American.