Remarketing is one of the best digital tactics, but grossly underused in the NFP space. Here’s why, and how, YOU should be doing it.

Have you ever had the unnerving feeling that a brand is stalking you online? One minute you’re browsing your favourite clothing site or booking into an Italian restaurant. The next, and as soon as you close that tab, you’re seeing rotating banners on the next site you visit, or ads in your Facebook feed or Instagram stories, of THE SAME THING?

It’s a little creepy. But that’s also remarketing. And it’s actually one of the cleverest digital tactics that, when done right, is a digital fundraising game-changer.

So, why should I do it?

No matter how much traffic you drive to your site or campaign, only about 2% of ALL visitors will take an action the first time. This means, 98% will leave without doing anything. Remarketing allows you to re-engage those 98% by following them online with ads.

Since those people have already shown interest, a lot of them come back. And, a lot of them are likely to convert the second time – 70% more likely, in fact. Who wins? You and your digital spend with a lower cost per action (40-50% lower) and MUCH higher ROI. 

But, how do I start?

If you’ve got a website, you’re ready. Cookies already track your visitors, you just have to think strategically about why, where and HOW you will remarket to them.

What action do you want them to take? Complete a donation? Sign up to your event? Make sure you are explicit in your copy and call-to-action. Where are they most likely to be browsing after they’ve left you? Facebook and Instagram are obvious, and Display is big (YouTube, Gmail, Banners). But is it on mobile or desktop? Have a clear goal in mind, and very specific content and channels to achieve it.

And, how do I know I’m doing it right?

When done right, you should be seeing higher conversion rates, lower cost per action, and a positive ROI on your digital spend. If you aren’t, ask yourself:

  • Is the content personal? Have I acknowledged they’ve shown previous interest? Am I directly asking them to take the next action?
  • Am I spending money on the right channels?
  • Have they seen this too many times? Am I just annoying them now? Should I take them out of the remarketing audience?

The feeling of being stalked by brands is still unnerving, so if your remarketing game isn’t working, put yourself in your supporters’ shoes and make sure you are serving their interests, as well as your own.

But if you are clever about it, and know how to start and when to stop, it WILL help you get more supporters to take action, and a better bang for your buck.