Parachute Digital Fundraising Events - Integrating Digital into Fundraising Strategy
On Wednesday 20th November 2013 we had a great time putting on an event for Fundraising Directors of non-profits and charities in Australia to talk to them about how they can integrate digital strategies into their overall fundraising mix.
It was fabulous and we will be running another one in the new year.

In the two hour lunch and learn seminar, we gave non-profits guidance on how digital should best be integrated into their fundraising campaigns.

The five areas where we believe digital should be integrated are below:
• Integrating your digital data with your offline database
• Integrating digital into your story-telling
• Integrating digital into your onboarding strategy
• Integrating digital into your retention strategy
• Integrating digital into your donor journey.

Online channels really shine when used for story-telling and for the on-boarding of new supporters and donors and in the retention of these financial members.

If you’re interested in attending Parachute Digital workshops, or you would like us to run a workshop for your organisation, please get in touch with us.