A couple of weeks ago I did a video for King Content, a content marketing consultancy in Sydney that helps businesses improve the engagement on their website and provide their customers with interesting stories in a variety of content mediums – video content, written content, visual content in images, pictures and infographics and branded content.

As readers of this blog will know, I am a big advocate of content marketing and I beliebe every digital strategy and budget should allow resources and time for consumer engagement and content marketing and for its effective promotion. So I jumped at the chance to do a video for King Content on content marketing.

Effective content marketing grabs people’s attention through blogs, videos, email newsletters, eBooks, articles and white papers. Social media as a digital marketing channel has brought content marketing to the fore in many businesses and proven its importance. Without fresh (regular) and engaging content its difficult to build a relationship with your customer and get them to come back to your site regularly.

Social media, and content marketing specifically, gives your business, product or brand a distinctive voice that will create advocates and loyal fans and eventually lead to increased sales.

In digital marketing and social media, it’s not about who has the biggest budget anymore. Today, unique stories, brand honesty and transparency and a two way conversation are the best uses of content marketing so as to out-do your competitors online.

If you’re not creating online content for your business, I suggest you get started.