Reading an interview with Iain McDonald of Amnesia Razorfish – never heard of him but had heard of Amnesia as I know some of my old colleagues at News Digital Media were using them.

Anyway, Iain seems like a very switched on guy and during the interview he was asked what he thought of the current digital media market.

Here is the question and answer:

4.   Please share your views on the current state of the digital media market?

It’s evolving faster than ever before. Just when there seems to be stability and the right way to do something, it all changes overnight. A good example of this would be the introduction of Google Instant Search – we’re no longer optimising on specific words because results start appearing before we finished typing. If our brand is Pepsi, we now have to optimise for the letter ‘P’ now.

The reality is that within the next five years we will see as much change as we did in the last ten. The big changes in digital will be mobile and Internet TV. There’s a revolution ahead and I’m not quite sure anyone (ourselves included) is sure how it will pan out, we just need to be ready to adapt with the market conditions.

The term ‘media’ is much broader now. We no longer work in just Paid Media, we have to look at Owned Media, Earned Media and in the near future Borrowed Media.

I can’t even imagine starting to optimise for the letter P, or S, or W. What a crazy, live environment we operate in. It’s exciting but incredibly challenging to stay up to date with the constantly evolving market and to resource this space correctly to in line with emerging technologies and strategies.

I don’t have any tips this Monday morning, I just thought I would share, what I think is, a great insight.