I recently heard Jeffrey Cole speak for the first time. I wanted to share some of his ideas that I agree with.

Tablets are replacing the computer as the 2nd screen - revolutionising how we consume digital content

Jeffrey Cole says that iPad tablet is going to transform the digital world

Jeffrey Cole thinks that the “tablet” but more specifically, the iPad is the biggest revolution in the digital world. He states that the reason the tablet is going to change our human behaviour is that it applies the “lean back” element to the consumption of entertainment that we don’t get from our PC or laptop. Jeffrey went on to say that in 2011 there are still 25% of Australians who are not online (this shocked me). He suggested that this 25% have managed to maintain their affliction to the internet due to a fear of the unknown or a lack of perceived need [to be online]. Tablets are transformational because they are changing this. Tablets are convincing the skeptics with their usability and their functionality. Tablets and their applications (apps) offer something the user can’t get on a computer.
Jeffrey Cole’s prediction is that tablets (the 4th screen – after the TV, computer, phone) will replace the 2nd screen (computer), and within only a couple of years from today.

He also made some compelling arguments that the internet is now considered by most to be a necessity rather than a “nice to have”. During the Global Financial Crisis (GFC in Australia, Banking Crash in UK) many American cut back their broadband to dial up. Apparently within 14 days most people have reverted. Like the mobile phone, once a luxury item, the internet is a mandatory in most people’s lives.

But one of the most obvious yet poignant points that Jeffrey made, that is also captured well in the video below (around 1.20 minutes and 2.10 minutes) is the role of advertising in the digital space. I will paraphrase him here but the gist is that there are 3 ways to acquire content online. 1) steal it 2) pay a feww or subscription 3) advertising. Many people will tell you that they hate having to view ads online, but if posed with a choice to pay a subscription for the otherwise free service, suddenly the advertising is bearable.
Please watch the video, on these points Jeffrey Cole explains very well how online advertising can benefit the consumer through its targeting capabilities that only digital can provide (although I heard some pretty cool information about remote controls that can monitor how different people in a household consume television but that’s another blog entirely).

When I saw Jeffrey Cole talk about the future of Digital (whilst giving great commentary on the recent past of the internet) he spoke for a good hour but he has managed to capture many of the key out-takes from that speech in this 4 minute video below. Enjoy, comment.