It feels like there are so many ulterior motives in the world we live in and online is no exception. I want to enjoy certain content online but to access the experience I’m forced to give personal information that does not seem in line with what I want to get out of it – a laugh, some new information, a new perspective.


Don’t people create content just because they’re inspired anymore? Or does everything come with an ulterior motive?

Digital content for free or ulterior motives

Is there no such thing as free (digital) content? Discuss


I guess I can answer this for my business, from a content point of view. I started writing this blog three years ago when I decided I wanted to start my own business. The blog was about credibility. I thought, if I’m going to call myself a digital expert, then I need to have an online profile and something for people to read and establish for themselves whether or not I knew what I was talking about. But then it became something I loved. It drove me to explore the web and become inspired by what other people are thinking and saying and doing. I write now because I love it and I want to share it.


The blog is still about credibility and it probably contributes to my client conversions, but I choose to put information out into the world to add to the conversation, to be involved and to contribute. I like to think I’m helping people. The only difference between me and some others, is that I give the content away for free. I don’t hide it behind a pay wall or force you to give me your name and email address and phone number to read the information. I do keep some of the best stuff for my clients and subscribers.


So I guess I am guilty too. Damn it. That wasn’t the conclusion I wanted to come to at the end of this internal dialogue.